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Whimsical homes for the wee little folk. Each house is hand made out of natural materials Each home is crafted individually and uniquely from mostly maine materials.

No two fairie houses are the same and each is made in various sizes and shapes.

Can be made for indoor use or outdoor use, makes a great centerpiece for any garden or tabletop, also makes a great gift idea!!!!!!

fairie houses

fairie houses

castle chalet cottage hobbit house
icehouse nuthouse stonehurst swingtown
treehouse cottage nuthouse

Prices depend on size materials available, try to stock up during the winter months on materials but can sometimes run out for short periods of time depending on the weather. prices range from 25$ and up.

also available are dollhouse sized fairie houses complete with furniture and accessories,complete with full size base and table legs average size for larger homes are about 3 feet tall including table legs.

more information is available through phone contact or email

display from the mile of art 2008

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